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These Terms of Use (Terms) apply to all users of (Trade Secrets Community). We may modify and update these Terms at any time, without notice. Ensure you review the Terms from time to time, which are available from the website footer.

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In relation to Terms:

“Confidential Information” includes trade secrets and business-sensitive or personally-sensitive information about businesses or persons for which you do not have the required authorisations to disclose.

“Content” means any and all material, links, words, and images submitted, including free business advice.

“the website” means (www. or https://)

“Services” includes the provision of free advice, information, consultancy, mentoring, coaching and similar provided through the website and the website itself.

“We”, “our”, and “us” means Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd.

“You” means a website user using our Services.

“User” and “Users” means all individuals using our Services.

“Confidential Information” means any information or document that an individual or business would not wish to be made public.


We are in no way affiliated with any person posting Content beyond providing a third-party facilitator service to permit the exchange of Content between Users. We do not make any representations nor are we involved in, responsible, or liable for any Services.

You will at all times act honestly and with integrity in all your dealings in relation to your use of the Services. This includes engaging in and promoting honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and maintaining confidentiality.

You will not make promises or commitments that are not intended or unable to be honoured and no false or misleading statements, which includes but is not limited to statements which are misleading by omission.


General: You must register in advance in order to access and use the Services on our website and/or any associated services. You must be 18 years of age or older to use our Services.

By submitting any Content to the website, you represent that you have the ownership rights and title to this information and material and have the right to present and publish it. You will not upload other people’s, or business’s, sensitive data, information, or intellectual property without their written permission.

You also represent that you are not breaching any regulations, restrictions or third-party rights and warrant that you have the necessary licenses, permissions, certificates, or other regulatory qualifications to represent yourself in the capacity you do on your profile and posts.

You also agree to ensure that your credentials and profile details are accurate and up-to-date.


We may from time to time offer paid products, such as courses for business owners.

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We do not issue refunds for digital/non-tangible goods as these cannot be returned.

We do not provide refunds on products and services that you buy from a third party after, for example, clicking on a link or advert.


To be eligible to register and to access and use our website Services, you agree to the following:

You warrant that:

  • The information you post or advertise on the website is genuine, true and accurate to the best of your knowledge;
  • You will keep your information updated and ensure any Content you include on your profile complies with applicable laws, codes and regulations; and
  • All material and Content you can control and link to from our website is accurate, reliable, lawful, not misleading or offensive, and does not intentionally contain malicious code or technologies.
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  • This is a gratis product and service. As such, support and reasonable expectations are limited:
    • In our sole discretion, we will attend to any reasonable bugs and issues faced by Users at a time convenient to us.
    • Support is limited to use of this website.
    • We will not provide advice, or explanations or further information, regarding Content provided by Users.
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We make no warranty that the website services will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secure or error-free basis. We will do our best to ensure the website is always available and virus free but from time-to-time, and in some instances, this may not be the case as it may be out of our immediate control.

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You may terminate your account and profile at any time. When you delete your profile, all of your content, material and links will be deleted, and you will not be able to retrieve these at any time. You are still responsible for your obligations in relation to any outstanding fees.

We may retain your profile data in a securely stored environment in the event we are required or compelled by any regulatory authority or court to produce it, but we will not release it for any other purpose.

You agree that we may, in our sole discretion, for any reason, without limitation, and with or without notice, immediately terminate or suspend your account and profile, delete associated data, and block your further use of our Services if we have reasonable grounds to suspect the Content you provide through our website or Services is untrue, inaccurate, misleading, in bad faith, defamatory, libellous, unlawful, offensive, defamatory, obscene, otherwise objectionable, violates a third party’s intellectual property, breaches the purposes of the website, breaches any Terms, or if we receive complaints.

Upon such termination, you acknowledge and agree we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any claims or damages arising out of any termination or suspension or any other actions taken by us in connection with such termination or suspension.

Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity may be grounds for terminating your relationship and may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

If we have any reason to believe you are involved in illegal conduct or behaviour, false or misleading activities, immoral violations or any other conduct which may be offensive, we may report you to the relevant authorities. We reserve the right to disclose your name and any other personal details to any law enforcement authority or other competent authority or to any person for the purpose of legal proceedings, prosecution, investigation or any breach, alleged breach of the law or these Terms of Use.


We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to remove, delete, alter, or amend any Content or the website. In particular, if we believe the Content to be inappropriate, potentially breach regulations, receive complaints or for any other reason and in our discretion, we may remove or modify Content at any time without notice.

We shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification when it is required.

We are not obliged to remove content unless compelled to do so by law.


You will not upload Confidential Information, including but not limited to business-sensitive information regarding other businesses, and personally sensitive data about other people.

You agree to act in good faith and with integrity and to never deliberately and knowingly undermine or mislead other Users.

You acknowledge that due to the unique nature of the Services and Confidential Information, any breach by you under the terms of the confidentiality or conflicts requirements under this clause would result in irreparable harm to us and/or our service providers for which there may be no adequate remedy. Any breach or suspected breach by you or as a result of your actions entitles the affected party to injunctive relief, other equitable relief and whatever remedies available at law.


You agree and acknowledge that we are not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental loss or damage which may result from your use of the Services or our website. You acknowledge and agree that we are third party facilitator only and are not in any way responsible for the conduct of any User. We are in no way to be held liable, directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that may result from any reliance on any advice, information or Services.

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No agency, partnership, joint venture, or employment is created as a result of these Terms, and you do not have any authority of any kind to bind us in any respect whatsoever.

You agree and warrant that you will:

  • Use Professional Conduct: you will always conduct yourself in a professional manner and will not in any way directly or indirectly damage the reputation of Trade Secrets Community, Trade Secrets Marketplace, Trade Secrets brand, or Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd.
  • Manage Disputes: take up any issue, dispute, or litigation directly with other Users; we will in no way be involved, either directly or indirectly, in any dispute.
  • Manage Litigation: take over any litigation that any User may commence against us which is either directly or indirectly related to your provision of Content. You agree and undertake to indemnify us and keep us at all times fully indemnified from and against any claims demands costs damages or awards whatsoever arising directly or indirectly as a result of any Content placed by you on our website or any Services provided by you or material you link to.
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You will not hold us responsible for material shared beyond our website.

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You agree that you will not collect, store, retrieve, copy, broadcast, transmit, screenshot, record, or otherwise reuse advice posted by other Users on Trade Secrets Community without providing a link to and credit to the author. You agree to retain the context and fairly represent the intended meaning of what they stated and represent them pleasantly and in a good light.

You shall not conduct routine, excessive, extended, or automated scraping and reusing of Content outside of Trade Secrets Community. Sharing using the website’s native functionality, e.g. through social sharing buttons, is excepted.

Any unauthorized use of the materials appearing on this website may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

We do not take on intellectual property disputes or legal proceedings on behalf of Users.


In the final analysis, Trade Secrets Community is a gratis website and is to be consumed on an ‘as is’ basis.

That said, we would like to hear from you if you have any concerns. You may use our contact form to notify us of bugs, concerns about an offensive post, staff conduct, etc.

If you are still dissatisfied, your message may be marked ‘FAO Paul Peace or Karen Bartle’, the Trade Secrets Community co-founders.

If you are still dissatisfied, you may seek legal counsel.


These Terms are governed by the laws of Queensland Australia which are in force from time to time and both you and we agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland Australia for determining any dispute concerning these Terms.

Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd, 15 Malinya Drive, Buddina, QLD, Australia.


Thank you for visiting our website (hereafter or Trade Secrets Community).
Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd, ABN 77 167 766 145, is committed to protecting your privacy as an online visitor to our website.
This privacy policy provides you with details of how Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd collects and processes your personal data through your use of Trade Secrets Community.

As we are an online business trading globally, we aim to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in The Privacy Act 1993 (Cth) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to ensure that your information is protected.

We use the information we collect about you to maximise the services and products that we provide to you via our website and through our business.

By providing us with your data, you warrant to us that you are over the age of 18 years.

This Privacy Policy, together with our Website Terms of Use at form the entire agreement between you and Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd relating to

Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd is the controller of the personal information collected via this website and we are responsible for your personal data (referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” in this Privacy Policy).

  1. Contact DetailsOur full contact details are:Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd ABN: 77 167 766 145Contact/email: please use the contact form on the website.

    Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd, 15 Malinya Drive, Buddina, QLD, Australia.

    It is very important that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Please update your personal information on emails using the link to manage preferences and on our website by logging in and editing your account.

  2. Personal Information – Type, purpose and legal grounds
    1. Personal information/data means any information capable of identifying an individual. It does not include data that is anonymous in its source.
    2. We may process the following categories of personal data about you:
      1. Communication Information
        1. Communication information includes any communication that you send to us. This information can be sent to us through:

          a. The contact form on our website;

          b. The subscriber form on our website;

          c. Opt-in, feedback, and other forms on third-party websites;

          d. Email, text, social media messaging;

          e. Social media posting and commenting; or

          f. Through any other communication that you send to us.

        2. We process this data for the purposes of:

          a. Communicating with you;

          b. For record keeping, and;

          c. For the establishment, pursuance or defence of legal claims.

        3. Our legal ground for this processing is our legitimate interests which in this case are to respond to communications sent to us, to keep records and to establish, pursue or defend legal claims.
      2. Customer Information
        1. Customer information or data includes any information you provide relating to any purchases of goods and/or services such as your name, title, billing address, delivery email address, phone number, contact details, and purchase details.
        2. We process this information to:

          a. Supply the goods and/or services you have purchased, and;

          b. To keep records of such transactions.

        3. Our legal ground for this processing is the performance of a contract between you and us and/or taking steps at your request to enter into such a contract.
      3. User Information/Data
        1. User information includes data about how you use our website and any online services together with any data that you may post for publication on our website or through other online services. We may collect, store and use:

          a. information that you provide to us when using the services on our website or that is generated in the course of the use of those services (including the timing, frequency, and pattern of service use);

          b. information contained in, or relating to, a personal or business account with our website (including name and email address);

          c. information that you provide when you provide feedback;

          d. information that you provide when you change your personal details or email preferences;

          e. information that you provide when you respond to a survey or form fields;

          f. information that you provide when you communicate with our customer support;

          g. any other personal information that you choose to send to us.

        2. Before you disclose to us the personal information of another person, you must obtain that person’s consent to both the disclosure and the processing of that personal information in accordance with this policy.
        3. You must not post business advice that contains another business’s business-sensitive data.
        4. We process this data to:

          a. Operate our website and ensure relevant content is provided to you;

          b. To ensure the security of our website;

          c. To maintain backups of our website and/or databases and;

          d. To enable publication and administration of our website, other online services, and business.

        5. Our legal ground for this processing is our legitimate interests which in this case are to enable us to properly administer our website and our business.
        6. We will not, without your express consent, supply your personal information to any third party for the purpose of their or any other third party’s direct marketing.
      4. Technical Data
        1. Technical data is information about your use of our website and online services such as information about your visits to, and use of this website, including your IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views and website navigation paths.
        2. The source of this data is from our analytics tracking systems
        3. We process this data to analyse your use of our website and other online services, to administer and protect our business and website, to deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you and to understand the effectiveness of our advertising.
        4. Our legal ground for this processing is our legitimate interests which in this case are to enable us to properly administer our website and our business and to grow our business and to decide our marketing strategy.
      5. Financial Transactions
        1. All website financial transactions are handled through our payment services provider. This may change from time-to-time.
        2. We will share information with our payment services provider only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing payments you make via our website, refunding such payments and dealing with complaints and queries relating to such payments and refunds.
        3. All individual profile and company details are not used for any other purpose other than that described above.
        4. Details are only supplied to a third-party supplier when it is required by law, for goods or services which you have purchased or to protect our copyright, trademarks and other legal rights.
      6. Marketing Information/Data
        1. Marketing information includes data about your preferences in receiving marketing from us and our third parties, and your communication preferences.
        2. We process this data to:

          a. Enable you to receive our Mailchimp newsletter;

          b. Enable you to participate in promotions such as competitions, prize draws and free giveaways;

          c. To deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you and measure or understand the effectiveness of this advertising.

        3. Our legal ground for this processing is our legitimate interests, which in this case, are to study how customers use our products/services, to develop them, to grow our business and to decide our marketing strategy.
        4. We may use Customer, User, Technical and Marketing Information/Data to:

          a. Deliver relevant website content and advertisements to you (including social media adverts or other display advertisements) and;

          b. Measure or understand the effectiveness of the advertising we offer to you.

        5. Our legal ground for this processing is legitimate interest which is to grow our business.
        6. We may also use such data to send other marketing communications to you and our legal grounds for doing so is either your consent or legitimate interest, namely, to grow our business. (Please see Marketing Communications below – Section 3).
        7. We may use such data for carefully selected marketing of third-party products/service without disclosing your identifying data to the third-party and our legal grounds for doing so is either your consent or legitimate interest, namely, to grow our business. For example, we and a third party may mention each other’s products/services to our respective subscribers to grow our businesses.
      7. Sensitive Data
        1. We do not collect any Sensitive Data about you. Sensitive data refers to data that includes details about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership, information about your health and genetic and biometric data. We do not collect any information about criminal convictions and offences.If you decide to post sensitive data, this will be stored on our servers and served to website visitors. These data can be seen by our account holders, shared to social media, or screenshots may be taken. We may also use data you share publicly, such as business advice, in our marketing. However, we are not collecting, processing, sharing, or taking a specific interest in any sensitive data contained therein.
  3. How your personal information is collected
    1. Cookies
      1. We may automatically collect certain data from you as you use our website by using cookies and similar technologies.
      2. A “cookie” is a piece of information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive and which records how you move your way around a website so that, when you revisit that website, it can present tailored options based on the information stored about your last visit. Cookies can also be used to analyse traffic and for advertising and marketing purposes.
      3. Cookies are used by nearly all websites and do not harm your system.
      4. If you want to check or change what types of cookies you accept, this can usually be altered within your browser settings. You can block cookies at any time by activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse the setting of all or some cookies. By not blocking cookies and continuing to browse you are authorising the use of cookies. If you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.
    2. How do we use cookies?
      1. We use cookies and similar technologies to track your use of our website. This enables us to understand how you use the site and track any patterns with regards how you are using our website. This helps us to develop and improve our website as well as products and/or services in response to what you might need or want, and to advertise to you and other people who may be more likely to have an interest in what we do/offer.
    3. Types of Cookies:
      1. Session cookies: these are only stored on your computer during your web session and are automatically deleted when you close your browser – they usually store an anonymous session ID allowing you to browse a website without having to log in to each page but they do not collect any personal data from your computer; or
      2. Persistent cookies: a persistent cookie is stored as a file on your computer and it remains there when you close your web browser. The cookie can be read by the website that created it when you visit that website again. We use persistent cookies, for example, for Google Analytics.
    4. Cookies categories:
      1. Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are essential to enable you to use the website effectively, such as when buying a product and/or service, and therefore cannot be turned off. Without these cookies, the services available to you on our website cannot be provided. These cookies do not gather information about you that could be used for marketing or remembering where you have been on the internet.
      2. Performance cookies: These cookies enable us to monitor and improve the performance of our website. For example, they allow us to count visits, identify traffic sources and see which parts of the site are most popular.
      3. Functionality cookies: These cookies allow our website to remember choices you make and provide enhanced features. For instance, we may be able to provide you with news or updates relevant to the services you use. They may also be used to provide services you have requested such as viewing, posting or commenting. The information these cookies collect is usually anonymised.
      4. Please note that third parties who advertise on our website (including, for example, advertising networks and providers of external services like web traffic analysis services) may also use cookies, over which we have no control. These cookies are likely to be analytical/performance cookies or targeting cookies.
  4. Marketing Communications
    1. Our lawful ground of processing your personal data to send you marketing communications is either your consent or our legitimate interests, namely, to grow our business.
    2. We may send you marketing communications if:
      1. You sign up for a Trade Secrets Community account.
      2. You made a purchase or asked for information from us about our goods or services; or
      3. You agreed to receive marketing communication and, in each case, you have not opted out of receiving such communications since.
      4. You are a company. We may send you marketing emails without your consent. You may opt out of receiving marketing emails from us at any time.
    3. Express consent
      1. It is unlikely that Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd will share your personal data with any third party for their own marketing purposes, however, in such circumstances, we will obtain your express consent.
    4. Stopping marketing messages
      1. You can ask us or third parties to stop sending you marketing messages at any time by:
        1. following the opt-out links on any marketing messages sent to you, or
        2. email: please use the contact form on the website at any time.
        3. Email notifications of new advice being posted in your industry are central to the service we provide because daily visits to the site to check for new advice are unlikely. To stop these notifications, you may close your account.
      2. If you opt out of receiving marketing communications this opt-out does not apply to personal data provided as a result of other transactions, such as purchases, warranty registrations, returns, replacements etc.
  5. Disclosures of Your Personal Data
    1. We may share your personal data with the parties set out below:
      1. Service providers who provide IT and system administration services.
      2. Professional advisers including lawyers, bankers, auditors, and insurers.
      3. Government bodies that require us to report processing activities.
      4. Market Researchers and Analysts.
      5. Marketing agencies we may engage from time-to-time.
      6. Third parties to whom we sell, transfer, or merge parts of our business or our assets.
      7. Any posts, comments, or other information you share publicly (front end) on Trade Secrets Community (e.g., business advice) may be used for marketing purposes by Trade Secrets Community and Trade Secrets Marketplace. Only share what you want the world to know; avoid sharing business-sensitive or personally sensitive data. Your private data (back end/administrative) on your account, such as your contact details, are never publicly disclosed by us in our marketing. As an example, we may take a screenshot of your post and share it to social media to show how the site is helping other business owners. Viewers will only be able to see data that anyone visiting Trade Secrets Community could potentially see.
    2. We require all third parties to whom we transfer your data to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. We only allow such third parties to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.
  6. International Transfers (for example to our preferred email marketing platform or customer relationship manager)
    1. Whenever we transfer your personal data we do our best to ensure a similar degree of security of data by ensuring at least one of the following safeguards is in place:
      1. If you are a resident of the European Union, we will only transfer your personal data to countries that the European Commission have approved as providing an adequate level of protection for personal data by; or
      2. Where we use certain service providers, we may use specific contracts or codes of conduct or certification mechanisms approved by the European Commission which give personal data the same protection it has in Europe; or
      3. f we use US-based providers that are part of EU-US Privacy Shield, we may transfer data to them, as they have equivalent safeguards in place.
    2. If none of the above safeguards is available, we may request your explicit consent to the specific transfer. You will have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.
  7. Data Security
    1. We strive to ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of personal information submitted to our website, and we periodically update our security measures in light of current technologies.
    2. We will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.
    3. You acknowledge that the transmission of information over the internet is inherently insecure, and we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet.
    4. We have procedures in place to deal with any suspected personal data breach and will notify you and any applicable regulator of a breach if we are legally required to.
  8. Data Retention
    1. We will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.
    2. For tax purposes, the law requires us to keep basic information about our customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for five years after they stop being customers
    3. In some circumstances, we may delete (anonymise) identifying components of your data for research or statistical purposes in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you.
  9. Your Legal Rights
    1. Under data protection laws you have rights in relation to your personal data that include the right to request access, correction, erasure, restriction, transfer, to object to processing, to portability of data and (where the lawful ground of processing is consent) to withdraw consent.
    2. If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above, please use the contact form on Trade Secrets Community.
    3. In order to respond to any request, we will require the following information:
      1. your name and address; and
      2. your contact telephone numbers
    4. There is no fee chargeable to access your personal data, however, we may charge a fee or refuse to comply with your request if your request is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive.
    5. As a security measure to ensure your data is not disclosed to any person who has no right to receive it, we may request further information from you.
    6. We try to respond to all legitimate requests within 30 days unless the request is complex or where there are multiple requests. If our response is likely to exceed 30 days you will be notified.
    7. If you are not happy with any aspect of how we collect and use your data please contact us first so we may attempt to resolve your issue immediately. You also have the right to complain to the Office of the Australian Privacy Commissioner (, the Australian supervisory authority for data protection issues.
  10. Change in Privacy Policy
    1. To ensure our privacy policy remains current, this policy is subject to change.
    2. We may modify this policy at any time, at our sole discretion and all modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting of the modifications on this website. Please return periodically to review our privacy policy. The link is in the footer.
    3. You may instruct us at any time not to process your personal information for marketing purposes. However, depending on the request, we may need to close your account to achieve this.
    4. 10.4. In practice, you will usually either expressly agree in advance to our use of your personal information for marketing purposes, or we will provide you with an opportunity to opt out of the use of your personal information for marketing purposes.
    5. If you have any questions or concerns at any time about our Privacy Policy or the use of your personal information, please contact us:

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