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Stuck for ideas? Here’s some inspiration:

    How to survive and thrive in the pandemic.
    How you deliver great customer service.
    How you get more customers.
    How you retain customers.
    Advertising that works.
    Hiring tips.
    A random act of kindness for a customer.
    Ways to save money.
    Ways to increase profit.
    Efficiency measures.
    Upcoming changes that could affect the industry.
    Opportunities you think your industry is missing.

To post advice, you must be registered on Trade Secrets Community and signed in. You must also be posting to your industry community listed in your account. E.g., a Gardener can post to Gardener group but not electrician group. This ensures that people are only posting within the industry they understand and know well.

You can only post and comment in the industry listed in your account. This helps to ensure people are only contributing in the industry community they understand and know well. If you have experience of multiple industries, you can choose a favourite, or register with separate emails to become a member of more communities.

If at any time you forget your password you can opt to change your password when you signin to use Trade Secrets Community. When you opt to change your password you will receive an email with a link to do this. If you can’t find your email please check your spam filter in your email account and remember to add us to your contacts list for future reference.

Yes, you can change your password at anytime on Trade Secrets Community whether you are signed in or out. When signed in, go into your ‘Account’ and choose ‘Settings’. You’ll need to enter your previous email and can easily change this to your new one without disrupting your flow.


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